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A Victorian Christmas Tale: Reflecting on a Year of Memories

Updated: Apr 2

Holiday Greetings!

As the year gracefully concludes, I find myself embracing the joys of my home decoration. This holiday season, I set my intention to create a haven infused with the warmth of an old-world Victorian Christmas—a style treasured by my family and I.

Stepping back from the allure of social media, I revisited the pure delight of decorating my home for the joy of my family and myself. I adorned our space with treasures collected over 44 years of love shared with my husband. The result is a home wrapped in the embrace of cherished memories, a testament to the many Christmas celebrations we've shared together.

Our Victorian-inspired tablescape became the heart of Christmas dinners, a canvas painted with love and tradition. On Christmas Eve, our family gathered around a tree adorned with ornaments collected over the years. Here, we upheld a beloved tradition—the revealing of our Christmas pajamas.

Amid the glow of twinkle lights, we enjoyed movies by the old-fashioned Christmas mantle, each moment a nod to the simplicity of joyous traditions.

This season, the revival of sugared fruits added a touch of nostalgic magic. Collecting them since the '90s, I embarked on thrift store adventures, unearthing unique pieces that enriched my holiday decor. A tablescape adorned with these treasures became a visual symphony, a testament to the art of creative curation.

As I stand on the threshold of a new year, my creative journey continues with unwavering intention. I aspire to craft homes, tables, and meals that resonate with the essence of family and celebration. Sharing these moments, if inspired, and living each day in gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon me.

Wishing you all a radiant holiday season, surrounded by love and joy. May the new year bring opportunities for continued creativity, shared traditions, and an abundance of blessings.

With heartfelt warmth,

Erminda Dominguez

Founder, Erminda Celebrates

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