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Captivating Moments: Mastering Tiered Tray Styling with Erminda Celebrates

Welcome back to the delightful blog of Erminda Celebrates, where we find joy and gratitude in life's everyday moments. Join me as I unveil the art of crafting stunning tiered tray displays, a cornerstone of my expertise in home decor styling.

Embracing Your Home's Beauty: The Art of Tiered Tray Styling

Dive into the enchanting world of tiered tray styling, where every moment becomes an opportunity to infuse your space with charm and elegance. Whether you're designing for a special occasion or simply reveling in everyday beauty, the steps are simpler than you might imagine. By harnessing design principles such as Balance and Alignment, Contrast, Repetition, and Proportion, you'll be well on your way to creating visually stunning tray displays that captivate the eye and warm the heart.

6 Steps for Styling Your Tiered Tray

1. Selecting Your Canvas: The Magic of a Thoughtful Tray

Imagine the tiered tray as your artistic canvas, awaiting the stroke of your creativity. Its size should harmonize seamlessly with the items you intend to showcase. My personal go-to source for these treasures is @feltcreative, where an array of sizes, shapes, and tier spacing options await. You can find these gems on Amazon, while numerous home decor boutiques also house an assortment of captivating tiered trays.

2. Weaving Themes: Threads of Inspiration

Introducing a thematic element to your tray styling is a game-changer. Themes can be sparked by colors, styles, holidays, or even abstract ideas that resonate with your soul.

3. Guiding the Gaze: Crafting Focal Points

The journey commences with curating the pieces that will grace your display. Each tier boasts a star player – an item that commands attention at the center of that tier.

4. Choreographing Harmony: The Dance of Arrangement

Once the focal pieces are in place, the artistic dance unfolds. Two complementary companions gracefully frame the centerpiece, their heights artfully varied by the inclusion of risers or other elevating elements. The "rule of three" becomes your trusted ally – a trio of elements that harmonize to create balance in your composition.

5. Whispers of Whimsy: The Power of Fillers

Embrace the art of filling space by inviting the whispers of nature – delicate sprigs of greenery and charming blossoms. Additional fillers can take the form of thematic trinkets – think celestial stars, vintage spoons, or the nostalgic allure of doilies.

6. The Final Flourish: The Artistic Edit

A true artist knows that refinement is key. As our creative journey culminates, I engage in the final edit – a delicate interplay of adjustments and, when needed, the graceful removal of elements that do not harmonize with the grand symphony I'm orchestrating.

As we bid adieu to this artistic escapade, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for joining me amidst the enchantment of Erminda Celebrates. I encourage you to embrace these steps with open arms, letting your inner artist run free. Share your inspired creations with the world by tagging me on Instagram and leave your thoughts below. Your voice enriches our creative tapestry.


Erminda Dominguez

Founder and Creator, Erminda Celebrates

For more styling inspiration checkout my Instagram @ermindacelebrates and my other blog posts!


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