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Hello! Welcome to My First Blog Post!

Welcome to my blog! I am so glad you are here to celebrate life’s everyday moments together. Here on my blog I will be sharing my creativity as I style my home, set my tables, and try out recipes that inspire me.

I have some more exciting news to share! I am now part of the amazing team of hosts for Tables for Soirée. It's a new year with new beginnings. I'm honored to join this talented team of tablescape stylists as a new host.

Tables for Soirée is an Instagram community of tablescape artist who express their creativity through themed tablescapes. Each week, we have a new theme and share our creative interpretations of the theme starting on Thursdays. In addition, we often hold special events and collaborations with other IG groups.

You can join in on the fun and follow @TablesforSoiree here.

Below you can read a little more about my own tablescape styling with this interview I gave for Table for Soirée.

🤝Welcome to Meet the Hosts at Tablesforsoiree! Today, let's take a moment to sit & chat with our New Host, Minda of Ermindacelebrates! Let's get to know her a bit!

📋In five words or less describe your personal tablescape style.

🗨I would describe my style as colorful, layered and lush. My stylings I love most are the ones that come out full and vibrant.

📋Where do you find inspiration?

🗨I find inspiration from everywhere really, but especially from eras gone by and from nature. My favorite styles include Old World Italian, French Country and Victorian.

📋If you could add one thing to a tablescape, what would it be?

🗨I find joy in adding vintage treasures. My favorite vintage thing to add is colorful vintage glasssware.

📋Do you have a signature style? Name one thing that’s unique to your tables.

🗨 I would say that my signature style is the full and lush quality to my scapes. Often it does seem over the top, but I try to edit and bring it down a notch with little success so I just go all in and create!!

📋Share your favorite tablescape tip.

🗨 My favorite tablescape tip is to just go for it. It is the creative process that is the most rewarding to me. So I have fun and play!!

📋Where do you source all of your china and accessories?

🗨I am lucky to have much of my collection gifted to me. Since I do love shopping, I am always on the hunt for new and unusual beauties to style with. I find most new things to add to my collection while thrifting in stores or even online.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog post! Please share and comment below if you enjoyed it. I'd love to hear from you.

With Gratitude, Minda

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So fun, Minda!! I love your tables, as you know, and its always fun to get to know you more!! Congratulations on your “new host” position, and on your new blog! I look forward to seeing what you have in your shop!



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