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Happy One Year Anniversary TablesForSoiree!

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Welcome back to my blog!! This month, TablesForSoiree, my tablescaping community on Instagram, is celebrating its first year anniversary. Since the traditional gift for year one is paper, we were challenged to style a table using paper products. It was so easy and quite fun!! I learned a few new things along the way and I am excited to share them with you.

Tablescapes always begin in my imagination. For this one, I saw visions of gold and ivory tones, but wasn’t set on the pop of color until I saw these blue hydrangea paper plates and matching napkins on Amazon. I was even more excited because not only are hydrangeas my favorite flower, they were also beautifully designed with a gold and ivory lattice background. The blue, gold and ivory color palette was set.

Next, I went to my stash of linens to find the tablecloth. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right shade of gold. Ugh! That was a bummer, but I did have this ivory gauze overlay and the wheels began to turn in my mind’s eye. What if I went to the party store and found a gold paper tablecloth? I mean, it is a paper challenge right? Well, I didn’t find a paper one, but I did find the perfect shade in plastic and knew I could make it work. With all the essential elements set, styling could begin.

I began by layering the gauze over the tablecloth to add that full and soft texture. Next, were the place settings. I chose clear crystal stemware rather than colored so as not to compete with the rich tones of the plates and napkins. Finally, to choose the flatware. At first, I tried gold plastic flatware that I found when I bought the tablecloth. Although they did look ok, I wasn't feeling it. They just didn’t add that elegant vibe I was trying to capture. So, I went to my stash and found these gorgeous sets from InoxArtisans. Yes! The vision was coming to life!

Adding the final touches is my absolute favorite part of the process. For this, I “shopped my home” looking for those perfect pieces that would work with the color palette and provide interest. Admittedly, I have quite a bit of decor to choose from after collecting for so many years, but in reality, you only need a few pieces to bring it all together. My must haves are candles, flowers and at least one unexpected item. For this table, I found this bluebird bisque porcelain figurine up in the guestroom. It’s so perfect here amongst the hydrangeas, don’t you think? To finish off this anniversary tablescape, I decorated a cake with faux florals and added the champagne on ice. Voila! This is definitely one of my favorite tablescapes I've styled. Hehehe, actually, I say that about all of mine because I enjoy the creative process so much.

Thank you for being here. I hope I've inspired you to create the perfect tablescape for your next event!

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